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Winter Garden Transfer

Winter Garden Transfer

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Material: Water soluble paper
Size: 10cm x 13 cm (4 x 5 inches)

1. Condition clay slab and roll onto a tile surface.
2. Place Transfer paper colourful side down onto clay surface.
5. Gently smooth into place and roll the transfer paper a few times, ensuring all surfaces of the paper are rolled down onto the clay.
6. Let it sit there for 5 minutes or longer, the longer the better the result.
7. Now rinse it in running water until the paper wash off but DO NOT wash too long or everything will come out even the pattern. (No need to rub it off with your finger as the water will wash it off) Domt use fast running water… the softer the better.
8. Let air dry
9. Now you are ready to use and cut with your cutter.

Use resin or varnish on top of the patter after being baked.

Colour may change slightly when applied and baked.

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